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Supporting you in your business adventures and your personal and professional surroundings!

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Tailored Services

Success is all about the right services, the right surroundings and the right team. We can help you with your business goals and it's image and your personal surroundings at your home and your business.

Naples Business Consulting

We work with clients to figure out exactly what your business needs to run more efficiently and profitably. Once that is established, our consulting team can work with you to figure out how you can grow your business from where it is now to where you dream of taking it. Consulting, Coaching and Team Development.

Naples Interior Designs

We know that your surroundings have dramatic impact on your success. We work to create the environment needed.

Our designers are skilled in commercial designs that range from offices to retail spaces. At home, they bring a personal touch to your home that reflects your personality.

Our Team


Tim Russell and Marcello Caccamo founded MC2 LLC in 2003 and knew they wanted to provided clients the tools, skills and services to succeed in their personal and professional lives. Using their combined experience, talent and professional network they built Naples Business Consulting and Naples Interior Designs.

Team Partners

Tim and Marcello have built a strong network of other professionals in areas like information technology, human resources, construction/design, marketing and business development. They utilize these valuable partners whenever a project requires to consult or partner to bring the client the results they deserve and to meet the goals they have. Their success reaches from the boardrooms of clients to the warmth of beautifully designed personal spaces at their homes. Are you ready to create a business, personal or combined environment for total success?

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Naples, FL, USA

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